What is a Restricted Key?

Restricted keys are a highly secure way of administering and issuing keys, giving the system owner the highest level of protection against unauthorised key duplication, where only the authorised signatory can give permission for the key to be cut.
A restricted key can only be cut at or duplicated by the locksmith who owns that restricted key system and only by an authorised signatory on record, thus allowing complete control over the key system and the number of keys distributed.
When a system is established, a signatory form is given to the owner of the key system. This form requires the customer to complete the contact details and sample signatures of the individual that will be registered as ‘Authorised Signatories’ and returned to dD Security Solutions.

How can you order keys?

• Log into your account
• Go to ‘Order Keys’
• Enter the System Number – can be found stamped on the key
• Enter the Key Number – Can be found stamped on the key
• Quantity of keys required
• Upload a signature of Authorised Signatory
• Enter Purchase Order (if required)
• Add Shipping and Billing details
• Select correct payment method and process payment

Note: Please ensure that when making payment use the order number #XXXXX generated and sent through to you as a reference to avoid delays with processing.

If you do not currently have an account, click on ‘Not Registered yet?’ and follow the instructions. Ensure that you provide all required information. Once we receive the completed form, we will create an account login for you and send you your account login details via email.

I am a tenant; how can I order keys?

Please check with your Building Manager or Owner’s Cooperation for instructions on how to order keys. If you need to duplicate a restricted key, an authorised signatory will need to provide written documentation and permission to dD Security Solutions prior to making any key orders. Failure to provide permission will delay your key order until necessary documentation and permissions are granted.

How can others be added or removed off the authorised signatory list?

Please Email request to We will then send a Signatory form which must be completed and signed by one of the existing authorised signatories stating the name and contact details of the person/s to be added or removed from the authorised signatories list. If a new authorised signature is to be added, ensure that a sample signature of the person to be added is also provided.

How to follow up on the status of your Key Order?

You can email us on or alternatively give us a call on 03 9300 8899. Please ensure that you reference the Order number issued to you for all queries related to your Key Order.