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Protect the power supply to your home or business from malicious damage or tampering with a Victorian Power Industry lock. The master key for this specially designed lock is held by essential services utilities, allowing representatives from essential services access your meter for reading, or in the event of an emergency.

Have one Key for all your Power Industry Locks.

For any house re-key to a standard profile, we will offer 2 free keys.

dD Security Solutions has keyed alike codes for PI2 locks so that all your jobs can be on one key. No longer do you need to carry lots of keys around for all your sites.

Let us provide you with one free PI2 key with your next order.

Securing your meter box, safely

Victorian legislation recommends that all meter boxes be fully secured. In addition to the power meter, a meter box typically contains numerous electrical components including a mains switch, fuses and circuit breakers. There are several serious ramifications for an unsecured meter box, the least being pranksters turning your power off, but can lead to more malicious behaviour involving criminals cutting the power to gain access to your home or business.

Purchasing and installation

As accredited locksmiths, and proud members of the Master Locksmiths Association and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited, dD Security Solutions are licensed to sell Victorian Power Industry locks. Easily fitted like a standard padlock and not requiring any professional installation, the security lock is the best way to support essential service workers in accessing your meter box.